Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How does a motorcycle clutch get burned out?

I am trying to figure out what not to do to avoid burning out my clutch.How does a motorcycle clutch get burned out?Dont slip it.

If used correctly it should not burn out.How does a motorcycle clutch get burned out?yup dont slip it and dont use it in corners. i have to disagree with the first guy though. you could ride a bike perfect but im pretty sure the clutches will burn out eventually anyways.How does a motorcycle clutch get burned out?The usual way to burn out a clutch is to be riding with your fingers on the clutch lever.

along with wind resistance your finger is just slightly engaging the clutch

Not so you would hear the revs go up but enough to get heat friction in the plates.

Nearly all riders ride with one or two fingers on the clutch lever.

the difference is resting on top of the lever, not wrapped around it.

Racing clutches only really last a couple of starts anyway, plates are too thin.

Like the others say, dont slip it.

either in - or out.

especially if your using a slipper.

I agree normal use will not burn a clutch out.

used properly (not racing clutches) they will out last the bike.How does a motorcycle clutch get burned out?dont drop the clutch but you can use it in the coners if you want just do it rightHow does a motorcycle clutch get burned out?when starting our if you drag it out a long time rather than short and to the point it will shorten the life of it. also if you just ride the clutch while riding it will burn it. clutches are made to take abuse and any real rider will use it in cornering and to keep traction so dont worry if you are using it to ride! also depending on how much power the bike has effects how much you have to replace them, some small bore bikes will never burn a clutch up where alot of horsepower causes increased wear on all the parts in the bike. so dont ride it, and short starts will increase the life, but eventually you will need to replace it. when you hold in the clutch and the rear tire wont roll freely, or you cant start the bike in gear while holding in the clutch lever, then its probably time to replace it.